A bunch of herbs

How do you know how much is in a bunch of herbs, ?
Recipe states a bunch of Basil, Would it be a cupful of leaves ?

Chef_miffycat1, Mar 6, 7:48 pm

usually about a handful. In my case a couple of stalks of basil/ a dozen or so leaves a cupful might be few too many but it depends on what its for. If pesto then yes a cup of leaves.
If a mixture of herbs then a stalk of each.
I grow most of the herbs I use so would go out and pick a couple of stalks of say parsley for a recipe.

Chef_cgvl, Mar 6, 8:37 pm

Same here. I just pick a whole lot, use what I think is appropriate (not too much and not too little) for the dish and throw the rest into the compost. That is how I figure out what is needed. Unfortunately it isn't an exact science, more a matter of stopping before it looks like the herb is going to dominate the dish but there is enough to add the unique flavour of the herb.

A handful of thyme, marjoram or sage, for instance would be far too much for most cooked dishes and the same with parsley and chives when used raw, but a handful of basil might be barely sufficient for what it is used in - i.e. pesto, a big batch of tomato sauce. I usually use more than a cupful of mint leaves when making my version of mint sauce because it is nothing like the overblown, sickly sweet recipes often touted on here.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 7, 12:02 am

Thanks cvgl & buzzy.

Chef_miffycat1, Jan 10, 1:50 am

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