Island Food

buzzy110, Mar 29, 3:48am
This recipe was posted by firemansgirl a couple of years ago:

250gm packet is heaps. Soak it in boiling water then drain.
Dark Soya Sauce
Finely dice: 1kg steak, (you can use topside but I prefer rump)
Chop: 3 onions and cloves of garlic, as many as you like depending on taste. Grate: Fresh Ginger
Put a tblspn or two of oil on a large pot and heat until really hot
Fry off the Onion, Garlic & Ginger
Add the Rump.
Add Soy Sauce maybe a 1/4 cup to start
Add water enough to cover meat and simmer for maybe 30 minutes or longer if you use topside
Taste. If you want more Garlic or Ginger, add it now. Add more soy if required. DON'T SALT. There is enough in the soy.
Add the vermicelli, mix through so that the soy colours the vermicelli totally. Alternatively let the meat cool overnight, reheat the next day and then add vermicelli. Eat!

aj.2., Mar 29, 3:53am
OK, I don't like the vermicelli, just does not work for me, any one have a good choice to change for that.

bbq-bro, Mar 29, 3:57am
possibly rice or pasta noodles etc but then it defeats the whole purpose of the dish

mjhdeal, Mar 29, 4:00am
Not chop suey, but on the Island food theme, I made this recipe and it rocked (thank-you Oscar!):

I didn't have tuna, just used some white fish (can't remember what type) and it was still excellent :)

bbq-bro, Mar 29, 4:10am
raw fish marinated in coconut cream & lemon juice. great aint it.

mber2, Aug 14, 9:08am
I am after the Island Chop Suey and the Chow Mein as well. I did have them but moving around i lost them, so i hope someone can come to my rescue
Many Thanks
PS. Im just cooking for two people

245sam, Aug 14, 9:21am
mber2, the following recipe is from the former Trademe Cooks:

"Island Style Chop Suey
I was given this By a friend who is an Islander, it is really easy and yummy. This makes heaps, but for crowds just double the recipe. One packet of vermicelli, put into a container big enough to cover the vermicelli with water, Pour soy sauce over the vermicelli I pour about half a cup, and then pour over boiling water, enough to cover the vermicelli, if the vermicelli looks pale add more soy sauce. I like to cut the vermicelli when it is soaking; I just cut it twice with the scissors In a big pot, add a little oil, some fresh garlic, fresh grated ginger (I have used bottled ginger), gently stir until browning, then add pork pieces, this can be made with chicken or beef, But I find it nicer with pork. When the pork is cooked, add the vermicelli and all the soy/water, add veggies I usually add a good couple of handfuls of frozen mixed veggies, Carrots, Peas and corn, you can add broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, anything you like. Bring to the boil, and then serve.
posted by paghan"

Hope that helps. :-))

lythande1, Aug 14, 7:19pm
I make a stew, onions, ginger, carrot, green veg, chilli, soy etc. I guess like a stew with stirfry flavourings in it.
The soak the vermicelli, then add in at the end.
My version of Chop Suey.
There are a lot of variations, google, you''ll find plenty of recipes for both your dishes.

bbq-bro, Nov 19, 4:43pm

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