Countdown lobsters

Make Lobster Thermidor. You need them cooked for that. Slice them in half down the middle and mix the meat with wine and cheese and seasonings and bake in the shell.

Chef_katje, Mar 6, 4:09 am

Yeah I wouldn't buy them again

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 6, 6:46 am

I bought one too and won't bother again. Not much in it at all

Chef_helen149, Mar 6, 8:30 am

thats sad I was toying with the idea of buying them

Chef_katje, Mar 9, 3:09 am

Excuse my ignorance but how do l eat/prepare the cooked Canadian lobster for $13 each.

l have heard you cut them in half and pour on garlic butter and grated cheese, then grill them. But that may be for uncooked crayfish/lobster.

Chef_susievb, Dec 29, 8:00 am

Exactly as you said - they do need lots of seasoning though as they are quite bland after freezing - claw meat is the tastiest

(PS: your trader name would fit me too!)

Chef_sarahb5, Dec 29, 8:23 am

Not worth buying. Full of water from being frozen. Got 80gm of meat from one.

Chef_thewomble1, Jan 8, 4:44 pm

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