Cheesy toastie thing

kirmag, Apr 21, 2:31am
I believe that would be her big head.

maynard9, Apr 21, 3:10am
I guess I am curious why someone would both contributing to this great Recipe Messageboard if you aren't into 'sharing'. To me that is what it is all about.

I love reading everyone's tips and suggestions - along with many valuable recipes that I have collected over the years. I almost feel like I know some people through it - but have never met them in person.

davidt4, Apr 21, 3:33am
I don't think we should be so hard on this poster. Her lame attempt at humour came across as ludicrously pompous, but I think she has just misread the tone of this forum. Surely no sane person would be so deluded as to think that any recipe, for a SI treasure or otherwise, needs to be kept secret.

sapphire152, Apr 21, 3:41am
She sells them for $10 dozen? Jaysus that's steep. Must be good!

rainrain1, Apr 21, 4:42am
Yea, she's dreamin' mate

twinkley1, Apr 21, 6:32am
Great ideas here, many thanks to you all who shared.

murfee, Apr 22, 9:18am
I totally agree! The message board is for sharing not gloating and I was born and bred in Otago, shifted south to Winton and also lived in the North Island - I was never aware of some sort of culinary ignorance between islands that has been suggested. I've actually found a sharing of food and recipes to be the best way to make friends! And my most popular cake recipe for caramel mud cake came from the TM recipe board and was provided by a shock horror North Islander! :-)

debudder, Apr 22, 10:51am
Wow caramel mud cake, do you have the recipe thanks

brightlights60, Apr 23, 8:38am
Mrs B here. We did some as a fundraiser last year and I asked my daughters Canteen lady for her recipe as they were so morish. Very simple. She got me a catering container of Maggi Onion soup. Just mix a couple of desert spoons of that in boiling water to make a paste, add around 2 cups grated cheese, 2 desert spoons mustard so that its spreadable but not dry. The bread is important, the cheap stale stuff from the supermarket does not cut it, its got to be really fresh and soft. Spread, roll up. Brushing with melted butter is optional. We bagged in zip lock bags, a dozen to a bag and froze them. They only take 10 minutes in our mini oven from the freezer. Lovely, and very simple.

murfee, Apr 23, 8:41am
Yes sure, I will start a new post with the recipe and it's a great recipe in that it's a chuck everything in a pot then bake and it is sooo popular! :-)

sgjvh, Apr 23, 10:17am
Can't see what all the fuss is about, cheese in toast, cheese on toast, all cooked in the oven, dah!

wendalls, Apr 23, 10:33am
Good on you Anne for all your fundraising efforts then! I can see you are proud of what you make, and you just want to keep your variation secret for awhile to raise more money. I do struggle to accept the poster who raised $900 thousand on their version though. !

anne1955, Apr 23, 9:01pm
Thank you You have it so right. And it's saddens me what some have written regarding me. They couldn't be more wrong. I work very hard to raise money for our hall. And have shared on many threads, and I believe helped many not just on TM but with projects.
Maybe my way of saying what I did back fired. (Well ok it did)
But big headed and the likes is so not me.
Thank you to all that read.

rainrain1, Apr 23, 10:42pm
Who would be mad enough to pay $10 a dozen though? Been buying fund raising cheese rolls for long enough, and never paid that much for them

chrisynz, Apr 24, 7:03am
For a good fund raising project i would pay 10.00 a doz. after all its about helping others, and if annie doesnt wish to share her recipe at this stage its up too her, she may decided to never share it. We all have different ways of making them the important thing is we and others enjoy them too. Maybe the extra added secret ingredient is something we all add. love and enjoyment

anne1955, Apr 24, 7:28am
I don't know anyone sells them for under that? Think about what you pay to buy one with a coffee 3.20 and it was made with Chesdale Cheese slices at a flash coffee place normally pay 2.40 out for them And Pak-n-salve here sell them at 1.90 for 2 uncooked to take away. Most fundraiser down here and ones prior I have been involved in for years sell at 12.00 per dozen so 10.00 is cheap. Might have to come North and see what you people are comparing them with.

anne1955, Apr 24, 7:30am
Hi I know I have paid more in Balclutha when I lived and worked there.

matuq, Apr 24, 8:03am
Mmm. definitely going to do this one.

unleashed46, Apr 24, 8:09am
Last time I bought some from fund raiser they were $15 for 3 dozen

rainrain1, Apr 24, 8:14am
I dub thee 'The Queen of Cheese Rolls'

kernal1, Apr 26, 8:14am
If bread is not completely fresh pop 2 or 3 slices, at a time, wrapped in a paper towel and microwave for about 20 secs.
Any sandwich bread is fine, even cheap ones, and variations of Maggie soups, or others, for a change! Any with Onion and it is only choice if you cut or leave the crusts on.

awoftam, Apr 26, 9:46am
Hells bells I am going to have to make some of these lol been reading this thread since it started and they sound kind of gross to be honest, however I imagine they will be quite delicious and very addictive. so basically you spread the mix on, roll up, secure with a toothpick? brush with butter and bake?

rainrain1, Apr 26, 9:28pm
A toothpick lol The filling sticks the rolled slice of bread down, and fresh slices of bread roll better. You butter them hot AFTER they are toasted, toast in the oven or use a sandwich maker, just make sure you toast them through enough so the filling is hot, and melted enough to ooze.

awoftam, Sep 11, 5:01pm
Ha ha thank you for the education lol.

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