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not sure whether this should be here or parenting,
has it stopped? doesn't seem to have been updated since before Christmas, I am just about to do the one pot brownies and was looking for more lovely recipes and nothing!

Chef_huca1, Mar 12, 12:00 am

Just a mum has a Facebook page with regular posts.

Chef_sjoy, Mar 12, 6:18 am

thanks (I did see it but I don't do Facebook-shame)

Chef_huca1, Mar 12, 8:00 am

Chef_griffo4, Mar 13, 4:46 am

thanks i had no cocoa so made cookies instead!

I am sorry it has stopped at the risk of saying something terrible I thought it was very well done for a housewife!
(I know that sounds terrible just I am assuming limited computer skills compared to a teen! (or omputer tech lol!)

Chef_huca1, Dec 29, 8:20 am

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