Roast Pork

kam04, Jul 27, 12:50am
What herbs go with roast pork whilst cooking?

jan2242, Jul 27, 12:55am
Sage is the best in my opinion. I use loads of it.

lythande1, Jul 27, 1:06am
Sage is the traditional one, but really, use the herbs you most like.
I made a stuffing the other week, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, bay and onion.
In the blender with some crumbs (home made) and a sniff nearly took my head off. thought it might have been a bit overkill.
But once cooked with the roast it was awesome.

davidt4, Jul 27, 1:29am
I like rosemary and garlic or crushed fennel seeds and garlic.

sampa, Jul 27, 1:41am
Everything already mentioned is good, rosemary and garlic are my 'go to' flavours. In fact if you are lucky enough to have access to loads of fresh rosemary you can chop branches to lay under your pork roast in the roasting pan - yum and has the advantage of holding the bottom of the pork out of the drippings too. Unless of course you are doing a rolled roast and want to open it up and add herbs etc then re-roll in which case more is better for loads of flavour - chilli and finely grated lemon rind could be added to the above listed.

uli, Jul 27, 5:17am
My kunes are a bit like wild pork - so I use lots of thyme and rosemary, bay leaves and juniper berries. And of course lots of red wine :)

pgta, Jul 31, 9:09am
I like mine plain

valentino, Jan 30, 10:20am
Posted this link in another thread but question re what herbs also applied in this, check it out.


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