i have a ? about a pav i have made

leanne-brent, Apr 30, 6:44am
now i this might seem a really silly ? to ask but i made a pav for a dinner party we are having and i tripled the recipe so does that mean i have to wait 3 times as long for it to cook? my oven is fan bake and i have had it on for an hour at 150 on fan bake but dont wanna open the oven to check and it should have taken 45 mins to cook as a single ricipe... please any help or advice would be great as i havent made one this big before

harrislucinda, Apr 30, 7:07am
howsitlookingstillfirm, paleorgoldenbynowiguessyoumay havedecidedwhat todobutmeleavein theoventurnedoffnowunlessyou arehaving it tonight

leanne-brent, Apr 30, 7:25am
i turned the oven off a while ago cos the top was cracking and a golden brown looking so i guess its just a wait and see, i want it for sunday night so if it doesnt turn out we will have pav for lunch tomorrow and ill make another one tomorrow night lol

alebix, Apr 30, 9:43am
I make mine with 6 egg white and I cook mine at 150c for 5 mis then turn it down to 100c for 2 hours... then turn it off and let it cool down...

harrislucinda, May 1, 1:47am
howdidpav turnout

leanne-brent, Mar 23, 3:05am
we are having it for dinner tonight but it looks fab and hasnt sunk at all, i so cant wait to eat it lol

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