jofes, Jul 6, 10:38pm
Any good ideas for cooking this

ruby2shoes, Jul 6, 10:55pm
I chuck it in the crockpot with a chopped onion & carrot, 2 TBSP each of red wine vinegar and brown sugar. Left on for about 8 hrs. Then I make a plum glaze: 1/2 cup plum sauce (or jam, lol), 2 TBSP each red wine vinegar, worcestershire and tomato sauce bring to boil and simmer a few minutes.

fifie, Jul 6, 10:55pm
Choice is yours either stove top or slowcooker. I do mine in s/cooker always lovely and moist., turn cooker on to preheat on high wash piece silverside well under running cold water, this removes any salty brine it was cured in place in s/cooker barely cover with boiling water add few peppercorns 2 bay leaves and drizzle golden syrup over top of meat, couple onions and carrots lid on turn cooker to low cook. Serve with mustard sauce mash and veg.

jofes, Jul 6, 11:11pm
Thanks for that. Both sound amazing.

thewomble1, Jul 8, 12:26pm
Instead of water try dry ginger ale.

slimgym, Jul 8, 12:53pm
told to day cook in a crock pot with a bottle of ginger ale I think it was. Lovely they reckon and instread of using mustard make the sauce with some of the juices

slimgym, Jul 8, 12:53pm
sorry didnt read yours till I had posted my message

bosch2006, Jul 8, 1:21pm
Roast it

valentino, Mar 30, 1:06am
Yep, covered fully with foil, at 150C for the first 2 hours then up a little to 160C for another 30 minutes then remove foil from the top only and finish at 170c for another 30 minutes.

Very nice alternative to a slow cooker, ( I do both now, similar to pickled pork).

Editing to add that naturally with any extras that one does can be added.


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