Freezing seafood question

instantly, Dec 10, 2:59pm
My friend gets oysters from the beach and puts them straight in the freezer, when she wants to eat them she puts them in the fridge and as they defrost they open and she eats them. Can I do the same with the live mussels you get from the supermarket? I put some in the freezer that I bought yesterday but then wondered if they would be the same.

illusion_, Dec 10, 8:38pm
yes. I do that all the time. saves steaming them open if you want the raw mussel for various recipes

instantly, Dec 11, 10:10pm
Is it normal for them to be open when frozen, they wern't when I put them in the freezer. are they safe to eat?

illusion_, Dec 12, 10:50am
yes, and yes

assuming they were safe to eat when you put them in there

uli, Dec 13, 2:51am
Since any mussel is a filter feeder I would think it a good idea to cook them.
They could have filtered raw sewage for all we know.

illusion_, Dec 13, 10:07am
yeah . they always put mussel farms at the sewage outlets

uli, Dec 13, 10:21pm
Umm, apparently yes - the mussel farms in the Bay of Islands are all going broke because every year they are not allowed to harvest because of too much pollution.

sampa, Dec 14, 12:11am
A $400 million annual aquaculture exports - of which mussels make up the bulk - would suggest that their aren't too many problems with NZ's mussels.

However our oyster farming industry is a different kettle of molluscs -

''However, the arrival of OsHV-1 might be the largest
hurdle of all. The January/February 2011 edition of
New Zealand Aquaculture broke the news that a virus was
devastating Pacific oysters, a $30 million industry for New
Zealand''. Courtesy of NZ Aquaculture.

OsHV-1 (Oyster Herpesvirus type 1) is a virus that first appeared in Europe before cashing in it's frequent flyer points for a trip Downunder to the detriment of our oyster farming industry.

Regardless, there are strict water monitoring/testing measures in place for shellfish gathering all around our shorelines and, for commercial operations, things are even more stringent.

I poop you not.

illusion_, Apr 18, 9:47am
so please explain how these unsafe mussels you speak of are magically ending up in the supermarkets

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