Spicy Chicken.....

fisher, Apr 30, 4:29am
Was watching Rachel Ray on tv and was going to do the proverbial apricot chicken casserole for to nites dinner but she inspired me to change my mind. .
I am using 4 large chicken cutlets but you can use chicken thigh pieces... In some stinking hot oil, brown up the chicken with some red capsicum pieces until 3/4 done and set aside. . drain all the residual oil and grate a heap of ginger and 4 cloves of garlic into the pan and cook out for a minute or two. . Now add 1/2 cup of chicken stock, 4 tbsp of soy sauce and allow to bubble up again stirring to mix . . mix in some chilli paste (as much as you want) for heat and 2 tbsp of sesame oil. . When all bubbling add in 4 heaped tbsp of peanut butter and stir till it mixes in and thickens. . Take it off the heat... add the capsicums back in and replace the chicken pieces. .
Mine is just sitting there now, with 4 chopped spring onions spread over the top until my good lady arrives home. .
I will then complete the cooking(spooning over the sauce).
Boil the skin on jersey bennies, young carrots and steam whole pak choi all just freshly picked from my garden...
Serve the chicken and spoon sauce over every thing... and serve with cheap-as sparking white wine :}

unknowndisorder, Apr 30, 5:11am
Pardon my total ignorance, but what the heck are jersey bennies?

uli, Apr 30, 5:17am
http://www.naturalhub.com/grow_vegetable_cultivars_potato. ht

fisher, Apr 30, 5:40am
Cheers Uli... :}}

unknowndisorder, Mar 20, 11:46am
yes, thank you Uli and Fisher :)
There was me thinking it was some type of vegetable, but spud never crossed my mind. Sort of thinking it was a type of bean - doh!

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