Pigs Trotter "stock"

otterhound, Feb 5, 9:26pm
Have just cooked up pigs trotters in stock etc, and have all the leftover gelatinous stuff in the dish. Seems like a waste to throw it out or give it to the dog - what can I do with it? And can I freeze what I can't use immediately? TIA =)

kiwitrish, Feb 5, 9:40pm
Trotter gear

Coined and made a "thing" by Fergus Henderson, trotter gear is stock made from trotters simmered in water.

Trotter gear is so gelatinous when refrigerated that it looks more like a rubber eraser than meat stock. It's a boon to have in the kitchen. You can use it to finish sauces, risottos, and pasta dishes. You can add it to soups and stews, which seems to me so much easier than lugging home store-bought broth out of the box or can. That stuff is heavy.

Of course, if you get into the habit of tossing trotters into your soup, you won't need the additional boost of trotter gear, but it's a nice thing to have around either way.

Yes you can freeze it.

otterhound, Feb 5, 9:53pm
Cool! Thank you =) I'll put some in my stew today, and freeze the rest. There's quite a bit of it!

whitehead., Feb 5, 10:36pm
trotter stock can be a bit sweet to me but if your doing a cold meat loaf it will set really well . it must be my age but i love a good chew on a trotter really tastie . corned ones are nice too

kiwitrish, Feb 5, 10:41pm
My friend makes a savoury mince pie and uses some of the stock to thicken the mince. It is the best mince pie I have ever tasted.

otterhound, Mar 26, 9:10am
Pondering how to freeze it - there's way too much to do in ice cubes. I think I will be able to actually cut it into chunks and freeze!

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