Picklet mix

april404, Apr 30, 1:33am
Does anyone know how long you can keep picklet mix in the fridge if you make it fresh today. I thought the kids can cook it themselves whenever they want if the mix was already made.

harrislucinda, Apr 30, 2:02am
besttomakeupfresh everyday

aphra1, Apr 30, 2:38am
I think the following day would be okay but no longer.

cookessentials, May 2, 7:28am
you will find that the added things like cream of tartas etc will lose their "oompf" if you keep it too long

anne1955, Mar 25, 11:01am
I never keep mine but I freeze them when cool/cold and the thaw fine as good as the one just made... I cool with a clean teatowel over them to keep moist then put into a sealed container if still warmish place paper towel bottom and top... just to stop the wee bits of water that may formthen freeze... thaw quickly really fact can be jamed and creamed while only semi thawed if going out and need to take. . hope this helps :) Anne

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