Wife saver slice

Had this today for lunch with a green salad,it was so delicious and the hostess said it's very simple to make the day before serving.
Has anyone made it?

Chef_dreamers, Feb 22, 7:34 am

Dreamers did it have the cornflakes on top?

Chef_griffo4, Feb 22, 7:51 am

Yes and it was so yummy,the lady
who made it said she had also made it with smoked chicken.It was very light and I would never have known it had bread in it till she told me the recipe.

Chef_dreamers, Feb 22, 8:02 am

Oh, looks delicious and very easy. I'm not keen on the cornflakes on top though. I would put another layer of grated cheese on top instead. what do ya reckon, should be ok?

Chef_herself, Feb 22, 8:07 am

Or you could put cooked breadcrumbs as the top was slightly crunchy.

Chef_dreamers, Feb 22, 8:15 am

Wonder how chippies would be instead of cornflakes?

Chef_retired, Feb 22, 7:34 pm

Whoa, where would you put your Xmas dinner after eating that for breakfast OMG. an amusing name, wonder what a husband saving slice would look like

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 22, 7:52 pm

crush the cornflakes on top

Chef_griffo4, Feb 22, 9:48 pm

Looks simple but yummy. saved . Thanks for posting.

Chef_wheelz, Feb 5, 1:15 am

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