Bacon Buttie Stall

Same here - straight in the pan or under the grill preferably

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 8, 7:39 am

Middle back bacon (which is what we buy), has virtually no fat at all. Others prefer shoulder, long back or streaky which does have fat.

So many different cuts of bacon - and preferences. Can't take to the Americans' wafer thin strips of frizzled streaky at all!

Chef_socram, Mar 8, 7:57 pm

We eat heaps of bacon, it's a great standby with eggs, for a hurried meal, streaky, no fat, strips, we love it all, cooked any which way,

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 8, 8:16 pm

Not in their bacon. It has very little fat, even the streaky bacon. A little bit of lard or ghee stops the bacon from going dry and horrible and crisps it up nicely. Everything depends on how it is cooked. Long and slow till it is crispy suits me just fine and the eggs are added near the end and cooked just as slowly so the bottom doesn't 'burn', the yolks stay runny and the white cooks to perfection.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 8, 9:19 pm

Use good quality bacon and charge a bit more - and make sure it's properly cooked (i.e. crispy not flabby)

Chef_blands70, Jan 1, 11:58 pm