Chilean guavas

jenben1, Mar 20, 10:45pm
Anyone grow these? and what would you do with them?

svx1, Mar 21, 9:36pm
Hi there yes I grow them and we have used them in fruit salad ,jam and lovely sprinkled on pavalovas.cheers

books4nz, Mar 23, 10:28am
Yes. we usually eat them straight from the plants, though have made Jam-Jelly mixed with white grapes. Friends use them in smoothies too.

marob2, Mar 24, 7:42am
I agree that they are great eaten straight off the plant. Unfortunately (! ) my grandchildren now like them too but there are plenty to share most years.

beaker59, Nov 29, 8:07am
the pictures on google of Chilean Guavas seem different to the old fashion small red guavas we grew up with, can anyone tell me the difference in eating qualities?

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