What is the difference between

alophia, Feb 8, 7:57pm
brown and red onions. Can they both be used in the same way. MANY THANKS.

tiogapass1, Feb 8, 9:48pm
Well apart from the colour. red onions tend to be milder in flavor so they are nicer raw eg salads. Brown onions are stronger and tend to be better cooked.

harrislucinda, Feb 8, 10:09pm
yes the colour but red are milder

sampa, Feb 8, 10:17pm
As above. red nicer in salads like Greek salad etc, brown more robust for stews, casseroles, soups etc. if necessary they are generally interchangeable in recipes with, perhaps, some tweaking of quantities to suit their different flavour strengths. Also, just a tip, red onions don't seem to have the same keeping qualities as brown so best purchased in amounts likely to be used within a reasonable time frame.

tuiwatcher, Feb 8, 10:50pm
We have brought a rat trap cage what is the best bait to attract the rats?

rainrain1, Feb 8, 11:46pm
They eat anything, probably not so keen on onions though

brucechef, Feb 10, 1:51pm
red onion is much sweeter so better for raw or caramalized options if in doubt use red as wont ruin a dish white raw white will kill some salads and over power some sauces

alophia, Mar 10, 12:12am
Many thanks for the replies. Advice thankfully accepted. BOB

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