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jubre, Apr 23, 10:54pm
Just found this link from a previous time.
I scrolled down and see A kumara salad, & Jamies Cauliflower & Macaroni dish, which look nice.
Can anyone tell me what is in these dishes & how they are made please.

cgvl, Apr 24, 3:55am
we do pot lucks on a monthly basis. Last time I took a large apple crumble and it disappeared very quickly. As to where we sit umm anywhere there's a seat. If worried about enough seats we suggest a camping chair so everyone can have a seat.

daarhn, Jun 25, 8:55am
What did you bring for your last dinner you were invited to?

lilyfield, Jun 25, 9:06am
Chick pea casserole

shazzie10, Jun 25, 9:06am
Gosh, it's been so long ago. seriously, can't remember?

indijack, Jun 25, 9:14am
Chicken curry and rice. We still like pot luck dinners, if that helps! Other things I take are sushi, creamy chicken potatoes or a big fruit crumble.

asue, Jun 25, 9:17am
Should be more of them in this day and age since it's expensive to dine out. Also sometimes we do a shared tea (usually last minute thing - just ring round in the afternoon and see if people want to bring their meal to share)

daarhn, Jun 25, 9:22am
we try and do that regular with our flatmates. theres 5 of us. someone does a hey lets all cook something and sit together and share. did it last night. now to extend that and go beyond the front door. doesnt always happen as we do our own thing. but nice when it comes togther. snigger smirk

lotsagiggles, Jun 25, 9:31am
I tried to host one a few years ago but I was so disappointed. Some people turned up with KFC etc.

daarhn, Jun 25, 9:35am

wendalls, Jun 25, 9:37am
We do a theme dinner party where each couple brings one course, but pot luck is still good. KFC is a cop out alright. Tell them so in a cheery voice " and no blimen takeaways this time! They can't be that busy they couldn't rustle up something. And if they don't know how then its time to learn!

dice4, Jun 25, 9:38am
we have them twice a year at work. There's about 25 of us. Everyone does their 'specialty' and the boys usually put in $ for meat. It's always worked out really well

daarhn, Jun 25, 9:43am
Is there ettiquette to hosting a potluck dinner? I always thought potluck dinners one bought their own bottle to drink. the host house supplied complimentry bottle. The main cooked by host, with guest synchronizing all the extras such as side dishes, puddings, after dinner cheese fruit platters, predinner platter/nibbles. with good coffee pots tea and chocolates by host at end of evening. Then at dinner while everyone present, who was to host next dinner. thats how I've always known it?

lotsagiggles, Jun 25, 9:52am
It peeved me off because I more than contributed my share. I made a dessert, a few loaves of fresh bread and a main.

daisyhill, Jun 25, 10:23am
I love pot luck dinners. They are such a cheap way to feed hungry hordes and everybody seems to have a good time.

We normally bring macaroni cheese if doing a main, because it is quick to make, keeps well, reheats well, is a vegetarian option, and just about everybody loves it.

daarhn, Jun 25, 10:30am
DROOL. that is now going to be my weekend dish this week. its been years since i last made it. what cheese do you use?

daisyhill, Jun 25, 10:39am
I just use Mainland Tasty - it's the tastiest of the tasty cheeses! I also add wholegrain mustard and a splash of Worcestershire sauce (not too much or it goes a bit sweet) but otherwise it's just cheese sauce and pasta.
[Should add that I use Boss sauce, not Lea & Perrins which isn't vegetarian.]

We end up doubling the quantity every time so I can freeze portions for office lunches, or dinner on days when nobody wants to cook.

daarhn, Jun 25, 11:05am
STOP! You had me at Tasty.

can one ever put too much cheese in maccheese? I like adding cup of parmesan and cup mozerella plus the main cheese when feeling piggy.

rarogal, Jun 25, 8:56pm
We had a group of friends who regularly had pot luck dinners, perhaps once a month. We were amazed at how often we had a real variety as no-one knew what anyone else was bringing. My sister in the US had never heard of such things. were horrified that we'd ask someone to dinner then tell them to bring their own. until I explained how it worked.

daarhn, Jun 25, 8:59pm
Bahahaha, your poor sister

kirmag, Jun 25, 9:09pm
We have one for work regularly, used to be the last Thursday of every month, but slowed down a bit now cos we're so busy. Last one I made Nigella's Meatzza. It was a hit!

tinkyandted, Jun 25, 10:54pm
we have them on a regular basis too !

last week I took Curry , pilau rice & homemade naan , Oh & stuffed jacket potatoes too cause Ted loves them !

kirmag, Jun 25, 11:11pm
Ours usually has a theme too. A different person gets to pick each month. We've had foods starting with J and C. Jamie recipes, Nigella recipes, my choice was food from the 70s, I made a big pot of chilli that time. For Jamie night I made his Cauliflower Macaroni - YUM!

davidt4, Jun 25, 11:32pm
I haven't been to a pot luck dinner in many years, but a while ago I was at a funeral where mourners had been asked to bring a food contribution. I was absolutely astonished at the number of people who brought takeaway pizza, supermarket cakes, Dunkin Donuts etc.

rarogal, Jun 26, 12:04am
You're not kidding! She leads quite a different life to us, entertains overseas dignitaries, gourmet cook, blah, blah! Awesome person (and sister), but BYO doesn't appear in her dictionary!

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