Ganache help

ebbd, May 3, 8:53am
my ganache is like milk & almost cool, any ideas on how to fix? Would beating it help to thicken?

awoftam, May 3, 12:54pm
Milk? Chocolate and cream should not make milk - no idea really have you heated too much - sweets not my strong point at all can anyone help? How did you make your ganache, OP?

madj, May 3, 1:41pm
I made a ganache to a recipe last week and it was way too thin to do what I wanted it to (use as a filling and as a topping) so I divided it into 1/3 and 2/3 portions and placed them in the freezer. With the 1/3 portion I beat with a beater to thicken and lighten, the remainder was poured over top. The fridge definitely helped thicken it up, beating it makes it appear lighter and also serves to thicken it. I think also more chocolate can be added to thicken it.

sarahb5, May 4, 4:16am
I refrigerate mine and then beat it until thick

greerg, May 5, 6:06am
What proportions did you use? I use 50:50 for pouring ganache and 2 parts of chocolate to one of cream for spreading under fondant.

kiwiscrapper1, Aug 19, 8:46am
Same. equal quantities of chocolate and cream, i.e. 100gms of chocolate 100mls of cream, heat the cream until very hot but not quite boiling, pour over broken up chocolate wait a min or two for chocolate to softened, then stir until combined, leave to cool and it should thicken.

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