Does anyone use a small electric meat slicer?

Chef_blondinie, May 14, 8:50 am
Im thinking of buying one, to use for roast meats like topside, bolar roasts slice the meat thinly. I see one on here for sale, but it says for deli meat, hams etc, so unsure if a good old roast would be bit tough for this type of slicer. Any suggestions on what or what not to buy? nothing to expensive, just wanting something small. thanks

Chef_kiwitrish, May 14, 11:06 pm
I have the Kenwood slicer and use it for slicing my Sunday roasts etc. It handles it no problem. There is one on TM the same as mine at the moment.

Chef_blondinie, Aug 2, 2:53 am
Hi, thanks, I will have a look for it

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