Which Nadia Lim Cookbook?

puppetman, Feb 2, 7:26pm
I am wanting to buy one of Nadia Lim's Cookbooks online, but not sure of their content. Are they slightly different in the type of recipes? My wife wants to get her book and I want to beat her to it and give one to her before she can get one. lol

sophiel, Feb 2, 7:37pm
I had a look at both and settled on her more recent one, the Good Food Cook Book. It's great. I've made a lot of recipes out of it since I was got it a few months ago.

puppetman, Feb 3, 8:54pm
Thank you for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it. :)

paora-tm, Mar 28, 8:16am
We had a Nadia Lim concoction the other day - Three smoked fish pie with kumara topping - something like that. I was not that impressed - too many strongly flavoured ingredients competing for the attention of your taste buds. I'm not a fan of salty fish with sweet kumara. I've made better smoked fish pie with a can of Sealords Smoked Fish.

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