I'd love to know how to use Celeriac

samanya, Mar 25, 11:07pm
I bought some seedlings without reading the label properly, thinking it was celery & now I have some ready. I've never used it before but after asking the google machine both Hugh F-W & Jamie Oliver sing it's praises & have some interesting recipes, but I'd still love to hear what any our TM cooks use it for . TIA.

kay141, Mar 25, 11:48pm
I use it in a gratin with sliced onion and potato. My usual method is to mix together thinly sliced potato, celeriac and onion in a large bowl, season well and thoroughly mix through a bottle of cream. Make sure all the vegetables are coated in the cream. As there is only me, I fill several small greased ovenproof dishes. Smooth and level the mixture, pour over any cream left in the bowl and bake in a mod oven till it is all tender. Watch for the cream overflowing. I have found it freezes well too. Celeriac will go brown when exposed to the air so I do everything before I slice the celeriac. I think I got the recipe/idea from an English magazine.

I think it can also be eaten raw and mashed.

samanya, Mar 26, 12:44am
Thanks kay.
I'm keen to learn & that sounds great & good to know a recipe that freezez well. I saw celeriac in a produce market recently for $10 k . yikes.

davidt4, Mar 26, 12:46am
Celeriac makes a beautiful purée: boil until tender and either put through a ricer or whiz in a food processor. Add lots of butter, salt and pepper. Or half and half celeriac with kumara or potato.

It is very good raw in a salad with home made mayonnaise. Jullienne or coarsely grate it in a food processor or with a mandoline, dress with mayonnaise or a cream dressing, add raw apple or toasted walnuts. It oxidises very quickly so work fast or it will turn brown.

When I peel celeriac I have a bowl of water with lemon juice on the bench and put each peeled piece straight into it to prevent it from browning.

kay141, Mar 26, 12:55am
I remembered after I posted. I stand the dishes in a roasting dish. The cream can bubble over and that saves a mess in the oven.

arielbooks, Mar 26, 1:09am
Nice just roasted too with your other roast veg.

samanya, Mar 26, 2:25am
Oh yum. Thanks for the tips.
Both Jamie Oliver & Hugh F-W said that it was a most under rated vegetable & maybe my mistake will turn out to be an opportune one.

katalin2, Mar 26, 3:59am
My mum used to make a sauce to go with pot roasted beef. From memory, grate celeriac, sauté in butter with finely chopped onion and garlic, add flour ,cook few minutes, add a little stock or milk or cream, stir till obtain thick sauce. Season with salt and pepper. My mum didn't measure quantities just went by feel.

tinabops, Apr 4, 10:25pm
Peel, chop, boil, mash as for mashed potatoes. Season with salt, pepper and butter. Easy, fast and yummy change from potatoes

samanya, Apr 16, 5:05am
Bumping to say thanks for the ideas & report that my celeriac experience was a 'fizzer'!
They were tough & stringy, because I guess in my ignorance, I let them get too mature, but I'm keen to try again.

davidt4, Apr 16, 5:42am
You have to peel them quite thickly, but there is normally a crunchy juicy centre even when they look more like an abstract sculpture than a vegetable. We've just started to harvest ours and they are just fine.

kay141, Apr 16, 6:00am
I agree. I've never had tough and stringy but I have had hollow and pithy. Those were purchased late in the season. Haven't seen them at the market yet. Must have a look on Saturday.

samanya, Oct 6, 10:18am
Oops . maybe I wasted them.
Thanks for that though, I'm happy to learn about veges that I'm not familiar with.
I'm using some quite 'mature' kohl rabi at the moment & they are the same . peel off the tough outside & they are OK in the middle. I do have more coming on but the oldies are still useable.
Maybe I should plant some more celeriac for winter? North Canterbury climate is quite harsh compared to yours . might google & learn a bit more. . thanks.

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