Slendier Noodles and Pasta

catie61, Sep 20, 5:04am
Anyone know where to get these in Palmerston North?

dk33, Dec 15, 10:08am
I'm in Auckland and I just buy konjac noodles from any Chinese or Japanese grocery shop. They come in small, clear plastic bags full of liquid with the noodles floating inside.

motorbo, Dec 15, 5:27pm
new world i would have thought, Apr 8, 6:08pm
Davis Trading sell the Konjac noodles in their refrigerated section. I searched for ages here in PN and nobody had ever heard of them, Davis Trading included, but they do now which is good. Don't be put off by the smell when you open the pack, just rinse in water first. Presume these are the same as 'Slendier Noodles' which I haven't heard before?