dish washer question

jimminette, Apr 29, 6:47am
Every now and then the soap powder or whatever it is, doesn't dissolve and goes all solid in the dispenser. What am I doing wrong? ? ? ? ? TIA

raewyn64, Apr 29, 7:32am
yip been there - don't know the answer, but have had to chissle powder out of mine quite a bit too.

bidz, Apr 29, 7:34am
With ours we found it was because we had a large plate or something else obstructing the flap from opening properly; hence powder left in there. Perhaps try putting the larger plates on the other side and see if that helps. Certainly worked for us.

chito, Apr 29, 7:35am
Agree. That's what happens with ours.

jimminette, Apr 29, 8:23am
ah ha! Knew there had to be and answer. Thank you. Must go check now before I turn it on

dbab, Apr 29, 10:55pm
Sometimes if the powder gets wet, or the dispenser is wet when you add the powder, it will stay in there. We had this problem and had to make sure we put the powder in when the dispenser was dry.

lizab, Apr 29, 11:11pm
happened to mine last night!

Here's a tip while I'm here -I've stopped buying the rinse aid for the dishwasher and instead use white vinegar - no streaks and far far cheaper :)

rog.e, Mar 18, 2:00am
Good hint lizab

How and when do you add it? Into the rinse dispenser?