Low vitamin k recipes!

Would like some low vitamin k recipes please, for my husband, he taking I.N.R tablets, and it does not stay at the require level.

Chef_camper110, Mar 4, 12:08 am

Have you Googled "Coumadin diet" ?

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 7, 8:06 am

Camper, Im on warfarin and have to test for INR.
I was told you canhave what you have normally been having. Just don't suddenly increase your greens, red meat, etc or it will affect it.

Just be aware that its not only red meats and green veges. Alcohol, garlic bacon all are high in VitK too.

Did he get a little red book to keep his test records in? There is a lot of help in the back of it, saying what is good and not so good.

Also medications and being unwell can upset the readings.

Happy to help if you have other questions. Ive been on mine for 8+ years. and will be on it for life

Chef_popeye333, Jan 11, 1:11 am