icing for a cake

roadrunner_0823, Feb 8, 3:50am
Whats a good recipe for an icing I can put into a piping bag to decorate a cake, Im new to this so have no idea.

margyr, Jul 30, 11:43am
butter icing can be piped, beat butter and icing sugar till smooth and creamy add a little vanilla, you can also divide it up and add colour to each bit, may just have to add some more icing sugar to get it firm again, this one is ok as long as the cake is going to be eaten in the next couple of days, if you want the one that goes hard beat some egg white mix in icing sugar and a little lemon juice this is the one like piped on Christmas cakes. sorry cant really give measurements cause i just chuck it all in a bowl and go from there.

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