Old fashioned mussel fritters

aglarana, Nov 17, 6:35am
Funny you should mention sprouts.
My youngest son's favourite sandwiches are alfalfa and peanut butter, and he loves plucking them out of their life preserving tray and straight into his mouth. We're a cannibalistic family, I suppose. *shudder* When we gather pipi and cockles we open them then and there and eat them. Kina too. Make a rawfish on the boat straight after we've caught it.
*drool* Might be a trip to the beach this weekend. getting hungry.

samanya, Nov 17, 6:39am
OMG, I'm drooling . will you adopt me?
I only mentioned sprouts because someone said they couldn't eat them . cos they are living things . I eat spinach.beans, potatoes, lettuce & all sorts of 'living' veges & they were nurtured & living well, until I gathered them from my garden. go figure!
Should I feel guilty?

daarhn, Nov 17, 6:54am
Smack. I know what you were doing. don't play with the quarry or tease the sprouts. God forbid I have to tether you to a stake in the middle of the paddock. lololol. Just picked a crop of silverbeet to steam with some spuds then mash with fresh garlic drizzle olive oil cracked pepper and sea salt.

aglarana, Nov 17, 6:59am
A home grower! The best way to eat food of any kind.
I'll adopt you if you adopt me!

aglarana, Nov 17, 7:01am
Let's adopt this Lion too!
We'll have ourselves a real feast.

samanya, Nov 17, 7:02am
New spuds? drools again.

samanya, Nov 17, 7:05am
Yep . I'll supply you with fresh veges (living) . if you supply me with kaimoana (living or dead)? . deal?

aglarana, Nov 17, 7:05am

samanya, Nov 17, 7:08am
OMG . I'm in heaven.
There's a problem though . I don't know you & you don't know me . bugger!

illusion_, Nov 17, 7:13am
nice clean cut and even sized bits (I use a larger size disc) against a pulverized mess all uneven and stringy

btw uli . certainly nothing to do with toughness . theyre not

daarhn, Nov 17, 7:23am
I know what you both did last summer.

samanya, Nov 17, 7:27am
You do?
I can't remember, so do tell?

aglarana, Nov 17, 7:37am
Thank goodness someone remembers. After the first few bottles of wine it got blurry.

grannypam, Nov 17, 7:40am
We had mussel fritters last night,,,
I open the live mussels and leave them to drain well until I am ready to cook dinner . then I make a batter with self raising flour, an egg and salt and pepper and milk . No measurements for this cook. I then cut the mussels into pieces and add to batter. Last night I added a small teaspoon of curry powder but I don't always do that.

aglarana, Nov 17, 7:43am
hehe. I know you live in Rangiora. And your name is Samanya. I have excellent detective skills.

samanya, Nov 17, 7:57am
Haaa . so you do. Profiles help huh?

illusion_, Nov 17, 8:16am
now THAT's how to cook. If it looks/feels/tastes right .

grannypam, Nov 17, 8:57am
never had any complaints. lol

samanya, Nov 18, 6:12am
I do that often & sometimes it's fantastic & then I can't remember exactly what I used for next time & then I have to admit to a failure (or 2)

morticia, Nov 18, 6:15am
The radish sprouts in my fridge have all died, but we enjoyed them hugely despite them screaming for mercy every time we opened the door. Tonight it's the turn of the lettuces.

sampa, Jun 19, 3:17am
Lett us be they may call to you as you reach for them. They never intended to mussel in on the sprouts action after all.

~ Enjoy your lovely squeam free dinner.

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