Using timer on oven

sjc72, Jun 4, 8:47am
I want to cook some savouries by setting my oven timer. It says to allow 20mins cooking time, but what I'm not sure about is do I allow extra time for the oven to heat up?

karlymouse, Jun 4, 8:52am
If that savouries have raw pastry in them, then the oven should definitely be preheated so they start cooking immediately. Usually ovens are preheated to achieve the temperature the recipe says they should be cooked at.

sjc72, Jun 4, 9:04am
Yes but I won't be home to preheat the oven, oven will turn on while I am out.

redpearl, Feb 28, 9:50am
Probably too late to comment now, but I would cook the savouries, then just have to reheat them on the timer.

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