glynsmum, Feb 12, 8:17pm
I have been given about 6 medium sized marrows,I am type2 diabetic,is there a recipe for a jam made with these i rather like the idea of adding ginger,would it set I probably need to add pectin but hesitate as that is sugar,advise please?

pam.delilah, Feb 12, 8:21pm
Marrow & ginger jam
• 4 unwaxed lemons
• 1.8kg marrows , peeled and cut into sugar-cube-size pieces
• 1.8kg jam sugar (with added pectin)
• large knob fresh root ginger , about 85g, peeled and shredded
Pare the zest from the lemons with a peeler, then juice them, keeping the juice, shells and any pips.
Tie the shells and pips into a muslin bag.
Put the marrow into a preserving pan with 2 tbsp of the lemon juice, then cook on a medium heat, stirring often, until the pieces are turning translucent and soft but not mushy.
Bubble off any juices before stirring in the sugar, the rest of the juice, the zest, ginger and the muslin bag.
Stir until the sugar dissolves.
Bring to the boil, then simmer for about 10-15 mins or until the marrow has softened completely and the jam has reached setting point
Pot the jam into warm jars
The flavour of the jam will mature and intensify over the next few months, so tuck it away in a dark, cool place

pam.delilah, Feb 12, 8:23pm
Marrow Jam
8 lb. marrow
Rind and juice of 4 lemons
6 lb. sugar

1. Peel the marrow and remove pith and seeds.

2. Dice the marrow - it should weigh 6 lb.

3. Put in a steamer and cook until just tender.

4. Leave the cooked marrow in a bowl, and add the lemon rind and juice, together with the sugar.

5. Cover and leave for 24 hours.

6. Boil the marrow over gentle heat until the sugar has dissolved.

7. Continue cooking until the marrow is transparent and the syrup thick.

glynsmum, Feb 12, 10:46pm
sorry I was not very clear I'm a type 2 diabetic and hoped I could make the jam with out sugar is there a substitute that would work?

lilyfield, Feb 12, 11:32pm
doubt it.
best to wean yourself off the sugar
besides marrow has no flavour to make a good jam

cgvl, Feb 12, 11:54pm
glynsmum I use less sugar, so that recipe that says 6lb sugar I would use 4lb instead. Still sugar but less per spoon that the other. I cant tolerate the artificial sweeteners so as type 2 that is what I do and use less ie barely a tsp per piece of toast. scrape it on and scrape it off I was told.

buzzy110, Feb 13, 2:17am
Exactly. It would be better to make a spicy preserve such as a sugar free relish or pickle with the addition of other vegetables and chillies, etc.

samanya, Feb 13, 7:01am
Have you got a recipe using Marrow as a base, buzzy? The less sugar the better, so if you would help, I'd be very appreciative.
I have a couple of huge marrows, on my courgette plant right now which I have been ignoring, wondering WTH to do with them. (put them into the 'too hard' basket) as I don't like them much . too bland for me.
I have heaps of other vegetables that I could add. TIA for your recipe/s.

davidt4, Feb 13, 8:49am
We've had a few overgrown zucchini/small marrows to deal with lately and tonight, with little time available, I managed the best use yet. I heated a large frying pan, cut the marrow into about .5 cm slices, fried in butter over a high heat until lightly browned. Added salt, layered the slices into a shallow serving dish with sparing trickles of good quality aged balsamic vinegar. It was really good, with a delicate taste that would go with most mains. It needs to have good quality balsamic vinegar as cheap supermarket versions would be too harsh.

samanya, Feb 28, 6:11pm
That sounds very tasty, davidt4.
I quite like it raw, so lightly cooked would appeal to me . thanks.

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