Quince/Pear Paste

Chef_marcs, May 21, 10:24 am
My oldest loves Maggie Beers pear paste with her cheese but it is so expensive and such a small tub so she has asked me to make it. I picked up some ripe pears and also some quince and thought I would mix it together as I know she will not like just quince. Any recipes or ideas would be wonderful.

Chef_nanasee1, May 21, 6:57 pm
Marcs this is the one I make every year now. I am sure you could mix the pear and quince together; I just use one fruit in my paste. I follow the general recipe and use it for plum, pear, quince and apricot.
I had 1.5 kg of quince, six small ones. I quartered them and added 1/2 c water & juice of two lemons & cooked them on high until softened. I then removed the cores & skin, much easier to do when they have softened. I put the remaining pulp into my blender then through a sieve. I measured 1 cup of sugar to one cup of pulp. I found 800ml of the mix cooked well in my 2 litre jug, about 20 minutes on high stirring regularly. It turns to a lovely ruby colour & set really quickly without additional drying in the oven. Best of all no splatters on the walls or me!

Chef_marcs, May 22, 1:04 am
Thank you. Love the fact it does not have pectin. Do you add the left over liquid back into the pot with sugar? Also how long does it keep.?

Chef_nanasee1, May 22, 5:11 am
Hi marcs. There is no extra liquid with my method, just the pulp once blended. When the paste is cold & set I cut it into squares & wrap each individually in baking paper. I keep it in a sealed container in the fridge & it has lasted 2 years; although it does get firmer by then. I believe it is okay to freeze it as well but I have never tried. I have never needed pectin in the pastes I've made.

Chef_marcs, Jul 19, 2:02 am
A job for tomorrow. Thank you.

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