How do you remove fat from a roast gravy

westydogs, Apr 2, 6:04am
I have a roast on at the moment but there is so much fat in the bits I want for gravy.I have looked at the fat separators.Anyone has any recommendations for something which will work!

rubyjane11, Apr 2, 6:06am
put bread over it.soaks up the fat.that is when the meat is cooked and out of the juices!

threecheers, Apr 2, 6:13am
The bread trick always works for me too.
Then the birds get a real treat.

autumnwinds, Apr 2, 6:23am
Ice cubes quickly congeal the fat, if you have the time to let the pan cool a little.Guess it's too late for tonight, but a quick tip for another time - after all, you;re probably going to add some water to the pan juices, anyway.

westydogs, Apr 2, 6:34am
Wow - thanks everyone, bread it will be, just out of the oven and wrapped in tinfoil - yummy

sooseque, Apr 2, 7:26am
These type of jugs are brilliant, I have had an old glass one for years
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mathewvb, Apr 2, 8:18am
I saw my sister do this, she cooked the roast in an oven bag. when the roast was done she carefully lifted it out and then lifted the bag over a pot, let the liquid settle and then cut a little off the corner of the bag and let the juice out until just the fat was left in the bag.

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