how long does meat last in the fridge?

dinkypinky, Feb 8, 3:56am
packet bacon or ham? once opened, would you use them a week later? what about meat which is defrosted (steak, chops, chicken) and then left in fridge... how long til should not use it? thanks!

pickles7, Feb 8, 4:46am
you don't read? ? ? ? ?

darlingmole, Feb 8, 4:48am
I personally will leave an opened packet of bacon in the fridge for up to two weeks (and no one's ever got poisoned ~ yet! )But as for chicken I'd be very cautious and I believe steak can be left for a few days and it "ages"

lil_miss_haley, Feb 8, 5:15am
Im similar to darlingmole, except I have a few fantastic tupperware containers for bacon. You can kinda smell when they are getting a bit off.

bucjo, Feb 8, 5:45am
yeah i keep my bacon in tupperware and it lasts for ages.

beaker59, Jul 30, 1:52pm
Red meat gets better in the fridge for 2 weeks as long as its not in plastic. Chicken is good for 5 days though I try and avoid that. Cured meats like good bacon lasts ages cheap bacon lasts for a week or two. Venison I keep in as big a pieces as I can and don't touch it until its been in the fridge for a week at least preferably 2

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