Olive oil vs cooking oil

studentkyle, Mar 23, 8:32pm
can i substitute this!

cgvl, Mar 23, 8:38pm
are you wanting to substitute cooking oil for olive oil, if so yes. I often use cooking oil instead as I don't always like the taste olive oil can leave on food.
For some dishes there is no substitute it really depends on what you are making or wanting to use the oil for.

studentkyle, Mar 23, 10:03pm
cheers.I'm baking with the kids and without the wife.lol

guest, Jan 11, 10:36am
In awe of that anewrs! Really cool!

guest, Jan 13, 2:09pm
These topics are so consnfiug but this helped me get the job done.

guest, Jan 14, 10:08am
That adssderes several of my concerns actually.

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