Shirataki noodles

mandy1968, Feb 26, 7:07am
does anyone know where I can find these in Auckland !

245sam, Feb 26, 7:20am
mandy1968, I'm here in Christchurch so obviously I can't help you out with local knowledge but I suggest that you try any Asian supermarkets, warehouses and markets that you have access to.:-))

mandy1968, Feb 26, 7:32am
Hi there
I've been to a few and no luck so far but thanks for the suggestion : )

accroul, Feb 26, 7:43am
I've found them so far at a store just up from the Town Hall on Queen st in the city and another store in Albany Westfield - just opposite New World.

mandy1968, Feb 26, 9:07am
Bingo ! Thank you very much for that