American measurements 1/2 stick of butter?

terachaos, Mar 3, 8:42am
List of ingredients states 1/4 cup or 1/2 stick of butter. Can anyone tell me the equivalent please!
Thank you kindly.

lilyfield, Mar 3, 8:47am
55 grams

245sam, Mar 3, 8:50am
terachaos, 1 stick butter = ¼ lb = 114g, although the more common conversion for¼ lb is 125g, so ½ stick butter would be 57g (or 62.5g) which is exactly what a standard NZ ¼ cup butter weighs .

Do you have scales to weigh the butter or do you have standard NZ measuring cups or spoons!
¼ cup = 4 NZ tbsp, or alternatively you could ¾ fill (with COLD water) a standard NZ 1 cup measuring cup then bit by bit add small pieces of butter, keeping them under the water until the water reaches the top of the cup, then carefully pour the water off and what's left = ¼ cup butter.:-))

terachaos, Mar 3, 11:28pm
Thanks guys, found a cinnamon roll recipe I would like to try:)

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