Cooking oil with a high smoking point

gardenroom, Mar 11, 5:16am
Hiya, looking for the best cooking oil to fry with that doesn't smoke.
Currently using rice bran oil, which i thought didn't smoke easily, but kitchen smells like a bonfire after using it. Any ideas!

geldof, Mar 11, 5:18am
avocado, coconut!

buzzy110, Mar 11, 5:24am
Avocado oil. There is a high heat oil on the market that is a mixture of olive and avocado oil. Coconut oil, deodorised, (not the processed variety) has an high smoke point. I use lard but have not found anything that will not cook just as well at a lower temperature.

Out of curiosity, can you tell me what it is you fry that requires high heat!

uli, Mar 11, 8:46am
Coconut oil

taurushat, Mar 11, 11:41am
Definitely Rice bran oil, only one I use whenever I do stir fry demos.

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