Apple (and herb) Jelly.

olwen, Mar 12, 5:45am
I was intending make Apple & Herb Jelly.I picked awful apples, added a few herbs, boiled and strained through jelly bag (didn't squeeze).The juice is cloudy.Can I clarify with egg whitesbefore adding finely chopped herbs to make the jelly!

lurtz, Mar 12, 6:27am
The strained juice isn't pure clear. It becomes clearer when boiled and the sugar is added.

Go ahead and make your jelly, and good luck. I realise that for aesthetics a clear jelly is lovely, however there's no crime in squeezing the jelly bag if you want more from the fruit in terms of taste and no wastage.

I've made lovely clear jelly over the years, and then, at times,I've given the bag a squeeze to extract all the extra juice that would have been wasted. Yes, it results in a more opaque mixture, however ithasn't altered the quality or keeping time of the jelly.

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