Recipe for plum jelly

yuuhoo, Mar 10, 12:26am
We have a huge tree full of these small plums. This year I have decided to use some of them. They are small and fiddly to get the stones out. Any suggestions would be great.

wineo, Mar 11, 1:36am
I have made many jelly/jams and always process in the same way, I do not see why plums wouldn't work,
wash and barely cover with water,cook until soft and mushy,pour into colander lined with wetcheesecloth and let drip over night,next day measure liquid,bringto the boil add equal cups pf sugar and boil till setting stage reached. I have done quinces,crab apples,guavas,,,feijoas and apples this way

cgvl, Mar 11, 2:02am
You can use them for jam also. Leave the fruit whole and bring to boil once soft the stones seperate from the fruit pulp and can be lifted out with a slotted spoon. Don't mind a few stones in my plum jam. Another way is to have a pot or bowl large enough to sit a colander over and carefully pour the jam pulp into the colander and then rub mix through with the back of a mixing spoon that way you can remove both stones and skin.

davidt4, Mar 11, 2:08am
If you count the plums before you cook them you can count the stones when you fish them out.The last thing you want is a stray stone in your jam - someone could break a tooth.

anna95, Mar 11, 4:06am
They sound like damson plums and are good for jam or jelly.

nauru, Mar 11, 5:36am
I have done this with success, a bit fiddly, just sieve before adding the sugar.I use my soup ladle to push the jam through the sieve, much quicker than a spoon.Let the mixture cool a little before sieving to avoid any burns.

yuuhoo, Mar 12, 10:37pm
Thanks everyone, for your recipe suggestions.

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