Making plum jam?

joanne38, Feb 13, 9:20am
plums are purple inside and out and are quite firm, i would love to make jam but not sure how, have made raspberry jam all of once and used a jam setting mix, is it pretty much the same proceedure once youve cooked the plums. also how much sugar per kg of plums.

jessie981, Feb 13, 8:11pm
Edmonds say to 2.7kg (6lbs) plums add 1&1/4c water. Cook slowly till fruit is pulped. Add 2kg (4&1/2lb) sugar & boil quickly approx 15 mins. Stones can be picked out as they come to the surface.

sir_hclem, Feb 13, 8:17pm
we used the edmonds recipe for our plum jam.Next time I wouldn't use some much sugar, but we used a yellow fleshed plum which was quite a bit sweeter than the purple flesh.

lythande1, Feb 13, 11:04pm
Take the stones out. less hassle at this stage.
Weigh, 50/50 sugar and jam.
Add juice of one lemon. It sets, no need for any bought products.

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