Uli, fermented plum recipes?

vmax2, Feb 6, 3:37am
Uli, or others, do you have any tried and true recipes for fermented plums!I've been given a box of plums.Made some ice cream with some of them.Still have heaps left and I'm thinking fermenting them would be good.I've usually just fermented veges, but also tried apples and pears in the past.Thanks.

uli, Feb 6, 3:42am
buzzy has done fruit fermenting - maybe ask her.
I did it once and it wasn't quite my taste.

I have floods of plums this year - first time since 4 years that we had good weather when they flowered. I make pickled plums, plum sauce and the majority gets pulped and frozen to eat with yoghurt or made into cakes later in the season.

vmax2, Feb 6, 3:44am
Thanks for that.I might have to pulp some now before they go off.Great idea with yoghurt or for smoothies.

uli, Feb 6, 5:37am
I got my idea from here: http://www.blissyoghurt.co.nz/

After buying the berry one I thought I could do the same at home without tapioca starch; agar; pectin and locust bean gum.

So I did - with all the raspberries we had this year. When the raspberries were out the plums started and so I boiled a 7l pot of the little ones, pushed them through a colander and added some cinnamon and found that the pulp is very versatile indeed. It also goes nicely over vanilla ice cream!

vmax2, Feb 6, 7:11am
We've had plum ice cream tonight.I've stewed up some plums without adding anything to it - just the fruit.Will go nicely with yoghurt, kefir and smoothies.Even my fussy child thinks it's a good idea.Would still like to ferment some but not sure if I've got enough left for a recipe I googled.It has lots of ingredients in it - ginger, onion, pepper, mint, coriander etc.I believe we do have a plum tree ourselves on the property but the wildlife gets it before we do.I'm looking at the apple trees and getting ideas about them next.They are growing well.Thanks for your ideas, I had a mental blank about what to do.

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