Kiwi boil Up

wetwillie1, Apr 25, 11:39pm
Ok guys, I made the Hangi in the crockpot over the weekend with Chicken & veg's YUMMYYYYYYYbut have so much let was wondering if I could toss it all in a pot and do some sort of kiwi boil up? maybe boil up some pork bones first then toss everything else in what do ya all think? I am no cook hence any advice welcome

cookessentials, Apr 26, 1:25am
what about doing it as a lovely thick soup? What ingredients are already in your hangi dish?

wetwillie1, Apr 26, 1:44am
chicken, cabbage, kumara, carrots, pumpkin and stuffing that I sat over the top of the cabbage leaves

fisher, Apr 26, 2:17am
I wouldn't be mixing "pork bones" and chicken ... Why not just put it into a tub and freeze it. . so you can enjoy your yummy flavour again in the future...
Break down the chicken meat into smallish pieces. . dice up the cooked veges and set aside. . Now cook some "chicken kings soup mix" for 20 mins and then add the chicken pieces and half the cooked diced veges and a diced onion and simmer for 5-10 mins. . some salt, white pepper, oregano added... spoon out some of the juices from the pot and add to the other half of the cooked veges. . mash this all up or use a stick blender... add to the soup mix and simmer another 5 mins to heat through... Taste it. . add seasoning if needed. . serve with dough boys or better still, some real fresh buttered bread... nice tasty thicken soup. .

micky_1, Apr 26, 2:33am
great minds think alike me thinks... lol although Im not using left over cos there was none from out oven Hangi ... but tonight we are having a boil up... good old meaty pork

cookessentials, Apr 26, 2:34am
yes, I'm with fisher, i think those ingredients would make a real hearty soup. if you have plenty, freeze it into portions for later on when it's really cold.

me-shell1, Mar 5, 5:18pm
fry up wit butter have on toast or with fresh bread yum

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