Pickle too hot

4teeandkay, Jan 23, 4:41am
Hi just made some pickle.Pickling spice, onions marrow, sugar.Tumeric mixed with flour to thicken.Wow its hot.Shall I rehead it tomorrow before bottling and add more veg. !more sugar !Is it the tumeric thats hot !
Any ideas please.

jessie981, Jan 23, 5:14am
Never made pickle & someone will help. I'd maybe add sugar. Have you Googled for any hints! Reheating may make it hotter.

cgvl, Jan 23, 6:50am
pickle will mellow with time, it does need time to sit, much like a good wine/port. A lot of my pickles suggest you leave them for 3-6mths before using.
I always bottle mine hot into hot jars and seal immediately.

nauru, Jan 23, 7:05am
It's not the turmeric, I'd guess it may be the chillies etc. in the pickling spice, not sure what mix of spices was used.You could try adding more veges & sugar and cook up again.

pbranch, Jan 23, 7:20am
I made one from the Nz Gardener and boy was it hot and i eat chillis i though well one for me the rest wouldn`t touch it well a year later and can`t even taste the chill and they`ve gobbled it down;so yours may mellow out .

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