Quattro Stagioni Jars

gayle6, Jan 3, 6:13pm
Does anyone know if you can use regular seals and bands with these jars! Reason I ask is I tried yesterday when bottling apricots and this was the only one that did not seal, so coincidence or do I need to use their proper lids!
BTW Briscoes have these jars and also the plain jars with bands/seals, in all sizes, at least 40% off at present.

indy95, Jan 3, 11:31pm
Gayle6, If the jar didn't seal yesterday the answer is probably no. I need to replace some storage jars so thank you for the tip about Briscoes.

sands39, Jan 6, 2:45am
Yes you can, last year I used the 70mm table fair screw bands and seals (the red and white ones also from briscoes) on my 500 ml Quattro Stagioni jars and they are still sealed fine.