Yeast/plum wine

anden16, Dec 25, 4:28am
Is it possible to use ordinary baking yeast for making wine please!

kuaka, Dec 25, 9:16am
it is possible, but it is better to use a suitable wine yeast

beaker59, Dec 25, 9:08pm
Or you can use the natural yeast on the plums just crush the well ripened plums then allow to stand it will start fermenting fairly quickly.

If you are adding yeast however which is more reliable then get wine yeast from a brewing shop as Kuaka suggested.

pickles7, Dec 25, 9:58pm
Bin Inn sells wine yeast. If your finnished wine is not "all that", turn it into vinegar.

uli, Dec 25, 10:10pm
If you just want to create alcohol then you can use baking yeast.
If you want a nice drinkable wine then use a wine yeast.

pickles7, Dec 26, 5:39am
A very handy hint before making your wine is to freeze your fruit. I would also remove the stones, before freezing.

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