The Elusive Organic Celebes Coconut Cream

uli, Dec 20, 11:00pm
This is my favourite coconut cream and coconut milk and it comes from the Phillipines. I usually buy it in carton lots from the wholesaler.

However for the last 10 months there has been no shipments to NZ as far as I am told. We still get the lovely coconut oil but not the cream.

Does anybody know of someone who still has stocks of it - or do I have to find another brand!

bedazzledjewels, Dec 20, 11:02pm
I haven't seen it either Uli.
I've switched to Aroy-d in the 1 litre tetra paks. You can get it in 400ml cans too. Spice Traders has it in Auckland., Dec 21, 6:56am
I see Trade Aid shops now sell Organic Coconut cream, (I bought 2 cans the other day) haven't tried it yet though but might be worth purchasing to see what it is like and then asking if they can get you a carton!

uli, Dec 21, 7:38am
Thanks - not sure if it is organic though - but will ask at our local shop.

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