Best cut for roast pork?

cap, Feb 8, 3:17am
I very rarely cook pork but promised hubby I would cook it for him. What is the best cut? He probably cares more about the crackling than anything to be honest but I would like to be able to eat the meat too (the few times I have cooked it I found it rather dry and tough - probably why I don't cook it! ).

davidt4, Feb 8, 5:18am
Free range pork has much more flavour than meat from factory-farmed beasts, and responds well to long slow cooking.

A free range shoulder is a good cut, boned or not. Salt it well and cook it slowly for about four hours and the meat will be very tender.

beaker59, Feb 8, 5:36am
I think the shoulder is the best for tenderness and flavour also the most moist the leg roasts can be a little dry but you get more meat from a leg and easier to carve. Shoulder is enerally cheaper because you get allot of bone in a shoulder.

3fatcats, Feb 8, 6:32am
I cook mne in an oven bag for 3-4 hours and then grill the crackling falls off the bone and leg pork is nice too

lythande1, Feb 8, 8:04am
In that case, Pork Belly.
Rub meat side with a rub of your choice, make sure it's got salt in it, I use salt, paprika and mustard powder. Leave overnight.
Place on a rack, meat side down, above a roasting pan with water in it.
Crank your oven up to 220 degrees. Yes, that hot.
Bake full blast.
It comes out amazing, meat all juicy and tender, crackling perfect and all the fat leeches out into the pan.

cap, Aug 1, 3:56am
Thanks everyone. Very helpful.

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