Bread recipe wanted to share

sunnyflower, Dec 14, 5:04am
wanted to share this for families who need ideas to make the dollar stretch like me:
I make this on the dough cycle in my breadmaker

3 cups high grade flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 teaspoons dry yeast
1 cup of water

put on dough cycle in breadmaker when finished processing

preheat oven to 50 c for a few mins

turn dough out cut into 2 peices, shape into 2 loaves or rolls on baking paper on a oven tray,slash the tops with several cuts and brush with egg wash, can add grated cheese or seeds etc, when oven is warm put bread loaves in for 15 mins to rise.

then take bread out preheat oven to 200c , when hot enough put a baking tray of boiling water in the bottom of oven and put the bread in the middle rack, bake till golden and has swollen up.

this bread is so cheap to make beautiful and so economical.

good luck

minn1, Dec 15, 6:26pm
thank you! I have been trying different wholemeal ones with very little success,and am very grateful for this.will def try it.

evorotorua, Dec 15, 6:53pm
Hi Sunnyflower. (love the name) Thanks for posting this. It is certainly a great dollar saver. I have used a recipe like this for about 20 years now and I can share a few other uses. My son spent five years at high school and I made pizza scrolls for his lunches every weekend of those five years. You roll the dough out into an oblong, spread with tinned spaghetti and grated cheese. Roll it up into a long roll and slice. Place the slices on a tray lying on the flat side, leave to rise and bake for about 25 mins. That's a real basic recipe. From there, you can add ham, bacon, spinach, fancy cheese.whatever your budget will afford. Once cooled they freeze well. He used to take a few from the freezer and take them to school. I preferred them reheated but he liked them cold.

evorotorua, Dec 15, 6:55pm
Another thing I do is cut the dough as if for runs but flatten each one and completely wrap a cooked sausage inside it and then rise and bake. You can use the filling that suits your budget.

evorotorua, Dec 15, 6:57pm
Finally, if you have a good strong motor in your breadmachine, you can put double the quantity of ingredients in it and take to dough cycle. Then take out the dough and do whatever you like. Just saves a bit of time. My breadmaker is a Panasonic and I use it with double ingredients most of the time. I have worn out two machines this way over the twenty years. Worth it to me.

evorotorua, Dec 15, 7:01pm
OOH another one for you. Great to take to aBBQ, Make your dough and cut into about 16 balls. have some tomato sauce and grated cheese. dip each ball lightly into the sauce and roll into the cheese to coat it. Have the bread loaf pan well greased and place the balls randomly in the pan. you can sprinkle extra cheese through it as you go. They should make about two wonky layers of balls. Leave to rise and then bake for a great pull-apart loaf. Again, as your budget allows, add other ingredients.

gerry64, Dec 15, 10:33pm
Am going to give some of these great ideas a try -would I use bread flour!

evorotorua, Dec 16, 1:17am
I just use Home Brand plain flour. This is a budget type recipe so anything goes. When you want a more filling, nutritious bread to eat as a "food" you can use other types of flour and seeds etc. BUT sometimes the budget is the most important part of the recipe! We have eaten this for all those years and now we have a bit more disposable income and the time, we are experimenting and doing more. Enjoy!

gerry64, Dec 16, 5:33am
thanks eva

korbo, Dec 16, 8:47am
hi gerry, how are you.
just wondering about the first post. there is no sugar or oil.
would it still make a good size loaf.

sunnyflower, Dec 16, 9:41am
you dont need sugar or oil the bread is gorgeous

sunnyflower, Dec 16, 9:42am
let me know how you like it minn1

janny3, Dec 17, 12:21am
Roll out the dough and top as for pizza.Then Swiss roll it, pop it into a loaf tin, and leave to rise in a warm spot before baking.Lovely pizza loaf.