Plum jam makers HELP !

janzjanz, Dec 13, 12:21am
Wow, I just made some plum jam 3 lbs plums to 3 lbs sugar, piped and boiled etc.took off 'scum' and tasted.Way too sweet.So I have not added some more plums.A bit of lemon juice and kernels (about 12).How do I make it not so sweet or adding more plums will do it !They are sour plums.Boiling the hell out of the mixture as I type

indy95, Dec 13, 1:17am
Janzjanz, firstly I don't think "boilng the hell" out of it will help as you will just overcook the jam and probably ruin the flavour.

makespacenow, Dec 13, 1:26am
Less sugar next time. Bit of lemon juice and pectin.
Boiling the hell out of it just ruins the taste of fruit.
If you use the search i posted recipe for pectin stock or use pectin powder in the future - you can drastically reduce the amount if sugar or omit it altogether.
Just add lemon juice to it or tric acid this time but i wouldn't just keep boiling it.

indy95, Dec 13, 1:27am
I would probably cook some more plums separately then add them to the jam. If it tastes alright to you then you can just reboil it until it gets to setting point. I don't understand why so many jam recipes, especially recipes using plums give such high quantities of sugar. I just add sugar to taste nowadays, sometimes only half the amount given in a recipe and have no problems with setting.

cgvl, Dec 13, 1:50am
3lb plums only 2½lb sugar that is my recipe, if yellow plums I add a tin of crushed pineapple to mix as well when you add sugar.
If you add about another 1lb to 1½lbs fruit , then taste you should be about right.

indy95, Dec 13, 2:02am
Thank you cgvl, I like the idea of crushed pineapple added to yellow plums. Will give that a try this summer.

punkinthefirst, Dec 13, 9:14am
The sugar in jam is the thing that prevents bacteria and moulds growing in it. If sugar is reduced you should keep the jam in the freezer, or bottle it as you would any other fruit pulp, using sterile jars and screwtop lids.

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