Difference between Snow Peas & Sugar Snaps?

rai5, Dec 9, 8:57pm
When I see them in the supermarket I have always assumed they were the same.
When the kids were young we grew some sugar snap and they never got to the table as the kids picked and ate them straight off the plant. Even the dog got into the act! He also liked dwarf beans!

davidt4, Dec 9, 9:12pm
Snow peas are flatter, with barely developed seeds; sugar snaps are plumper, with larger seeds.Both are cooked in the same way - just plunge into salted boiling water for about a minute, drain and eat hot with butter or cool with a vinaigrette.

rai5, Dec 9, 9:18pm
Many thanks. So maybe not a different variety of pea just the difference in maturity!

245sam, Dec 9, 9:28pm

245sam, Dec 9, 9:28pm
rai5, have a look at:-


Scroll through to find the section headed "Snow Peas,
Sugar Snap Peas".:-))

davidt4, Dec 9, 9:30pm
No, they are different varieties.

rai5, Dec 10, 1:44am
Many thanks. I've had a read and found other interesting information as well.

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