Can someone help me please find a recipe

griffo4, Nov 29, 3:09am
l saw a recipe and it had crushed up candy canes on the top and for the life of me l can't find it
l know l should have kept it but l remember them being crushed up on top and they looked so Christmassy

griffo4, Nov 29, 3:12am
l could scream now after spending so much time looking l open up the food mag and there it is staring at me and l have been through that book so many times

vinee, Nov 29, 5:06am
I made a slice like that once - just a warning - the pretty crushed candy canes are a bit like eating broken glass!
They did soften off a bit by the end of the next day though.

frances1266, Nov 29, 5:35am
I can remember seeing a recipe for chocolate bark with crushed candy canes on top.Think it was on this thread.It is basically melted choc with crushed candy canes on top.Does this sound familiar.

griffo4, Nov 29, 6:17am
Yep l found it in the food mag and it was white chocolate melted and crushed candy canes sprinkled through and some on top
Thank you for your response

melford, Nov 29, 10:01am
if you type into google "crushed candy cane recipes" so many recipes and photos of the end product come up

taurushat, Nov 29, 10:55am
I have a mag with recipe "Peppermint Candy Cane Christmas Cheesecake".it's an Arnotts Buttersnap cookie recipe, would that be it!

griffo4, Nov 29, 9:52pm
Thank you everyone for being so helpful but l have found it and please do not tempt me with anymore recipes l have so many to do already ;-))

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