Easy recipe that you dont need baking powder

1966, Nov 15, 2:37am
im in the mood for baking but dont know what to make, any ideas. i cant be bothered going to the shop to get baking powder or soda so does anybody have a quick recipe

uli, Nov 15, 5:00am
If you do not know what to make, how about waiting until some idea occurs!

frances1266, Nov 15, 5:18am
Rice bubble cake!

gjnalm, Nov 15, 5:30am
636 cookies

6oz butter
3oz sugar
6oz flour

Cream butter & sugar.Add flour.
Bake 150 for 20min.
Makes 20 to 24 biscuits.

Can add sultanas or choc chips.

recipe from my Grandma whos a great wee cook :)

firemansgirl, Nov 15, 8:16am
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